What kinds of visual art do you support?

We focus on supporting the visual arts. Our definition of visual art is simple: If you can print some part of it, we consider it visual art. The work we are interested in showcasing and supporting can consist of any practice, for example, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, moving image, installation, theatre, performing arts, and any other media that can be printed.

What’s an ‘early-career’ creative?

Our definition of early-career creative has no maximum age; we recognize everyone has a different background and everyone starts working in the arts at different times in their lives. Our opportunities are aimed at early-career creatives, artists, or anyone considering/pursuing a career in the arts. We do not have any ‘set’ criteria, however, we are unable to work with anyone under the age of sixteen. When selecting artist for our opportunities we consider what we can offer to help develop your career.

Do you only work with visual artists?

Nope, we work with all sorts of creatives. Including the people who support the delivery of visual arts, for example, we work with creative producers and emerging curators to deliver our projects.

Where do you work in the East Midlands

No Jobs in the Arts supports emerging creatives in the East Midlands (or those with connections to the area, e.g. living, studying, or working in the East Midlands). The East Midlands region includes:

Derby / Derbyshire
Lincoln / Lincolnshire
Nottingham / Nottinghamshire
Northampton / Northamptonshire
Leicester / Leicestershire

Why do you only work in the East Midlands?

We focus on our region so we can better support local emerging artists. We hope to encourage artists to engage with their local art scene and its opportunities. No Jobs in the Arts is run by emerging creatives for emerging creatives, so we can share knowledge and experience gained in the region.

We are unable to support artists that do not have a link to the East Midlands. However, we do collaborate on projects with partners outside of our local region. However, the projects we deliver must have a clear link to the East Midlands.

Who runs No Jobs in the Arts?

No Jobs in the Arts is run by emerging creatives, for emerging creatives. The project focuses on sharing learning experiences and knowledge gained working in the arts; it is run by Charlie Collins and Ryan Boultbee – two artists who practice in the East Midlands. The projects we deliver support early-career creatives, and we work with early-career creatives to deliver them, often supported by local creative organisations. We are continuing to learn as we develop No Jobs in the Arts into a small artist-led creative organisation. We hope to expand our programme and develop the support we can offer emerging creatives in the region.

What barriers to the arts do you want to tackle?

No Jobs in the Arts tries to deliver a program that highlights or challenge issues that stop emerging creatives being creative. With our projects, we’d like to work with partners to help us explore barriers that emerging artists face in visual arts, such as geographic, economic, educational and accessibility barriers.

Do you only deliver a print publication?

Not anymore. No Jobs in the Arts started as a print publication in 2018. However, we expanded our creative programme to include workshops, internships, interviews, talks, exhibitions, and festivals. We continue to publish No Jobs in the Arts as a bi-annual digital and physical publication. For each issue, we produce a limited number of prints, which we distribute for free around the East Midlands arts community.

Why do your projects focus on promoting collaboration?

We think collaboration is a key part of being creative and the skills it nurtures are essential for working in the arts. We are creating a space to encourage collaboration and create links between creatives. We think that through collaboration we can achieve more together and elevate our ideas.

How do your projects ‘spotlight’ and ‘de-risk’ creatives?

We showcase early career emerging visual artists and the creatives who support them; our projects try to bridge the experience gap that exists between just starting-out and practising as a professional creative. We partner our projects with local creative organizations to create links and share resources. Through our projects, artists and creatives gain skills and experiences relevant to working in the visual arts.

How can I follow No Jobs in the Arts projects?

Please follow us on our Instagram platform, it’s full of content, @nojobsinthearts. Also, you can have a look at our print archive to see past projects

I can’t find the answer to my question

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, then please feel free to contact us. You can email us at nojobsinthearts@hotmail.co.uk or DM us on Instagram at @nojobsinthearts.