Fringe Festival

No Jobs in the Arts Fringe was a digital festival focused on ‘collaboration’ in the arts. No Jobs In The Arts lined up a variety of free talks, workshops, and creative events, aimed at and delivered by early-career creatives. All events were free, delivered across the 26th and 27th February 2021, and supported creatives linked to the East-Midlands.

The Fringe was in partnership with UKNA and supported by Arts Council England. In response to Covid-19, the Fringe festival was transitioned online.

No Jobs in the Arts – Welcome to the Fringe with Michelle Bowen, Director of UKNA.Talk (recorded)
Happy Chances – Chloe HensonWorkshop (recorded)
What’s your Ritual? Objects and Actions for Navigating the Red Tide – Valeria MediciWorkshop (recorded)
Why Volunteer in the Arts? – Jenny McKenzie and Chris BooteTalk (recorded)
Social Practice: Reflections on Collaboration – Jo WheelerTalk (recorded)
Generosity Session: A Mindful Approach to Engaging with Crit Sessions – Benjamin RostanceWorkshop
Where to? – Donna Briscoe-GreeneWorkshop
DOUBLE CRISIS: Sarah WoolfArtwork and Artist Talk (recorded)
What can we do for you? – No Jobs in the Arts and Elizabeth Hawley-LinghamDiscussion (recorded)
The Places We Miss – Georgina WatsonWorkshop
Curating the Region: Amber Jesson and Jenny O’SullivanTalk (recorded)
Collecting Creativity: Leicester and ZinesTalk (recorded)
How to: Live Documentation – Joe WestleyTalk (recorded)
Artist to Artist Crits – Fiona CarruthersWorkshop
Joe WestleyPhotography Commission
Jasmine StorelyPhotography Commission
Kellymarie PalfreyWriter-in-Residence
Happy Chances (reviewed)
Why Volunteer in the Arts (reviewed)
De-Risking the Arts (Article)
Katja FjeldWriter-in-Residence
Cultural Production in the Pandemic Age (Article)

The complete line-up included a mix of early-career and established creatives from across the East Midlands: Amber Jesson, Anoushka Goodwin, Benjamin Rostance, Chloe Henson, Chris Boote, Courteney Campbell, Donna Briscoe-Greene, Elizabeth Hawley-Lingham, Fiona Carruthers, Georgina Watson, Jack Squires, Jasmine Storey, Jenny McKenzie, Jenny O’Sullivan, Jo Wheeler, Joe Westley, Katja Fjeld, Kellymarie Palfrey, Sarah Woolf, and Valeria Medici.

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