July – September, 2021: We workied in collaboration with two emerging, guest curators, Liang-Tung Lin and Yinglu Yang, to produce ‘Re-Making’, a digital event and interview series. The series included a live discussion with Wiktoria Kijowska and Mohamad Aaqib Anvarmia, discussing discussing the influence that traditional designs have on their artwork, and what support they felt is needed for early-career makers.

We asked: ‘What do you make and why do you make it? What challenges have you encountered bringing traditional art into contemporary life? How do you use digital technologies to revive traditional making techniques and patterns?What barriers have you faced as early-career makers and what support do you think is needed for early-career makers?‘.

The project also included shortform interviews with Wiktoria Kijowska , Jessica Ralph (TBA), and Jestine Acebuche (TBA). To find out more about the project, you can read a statement by the our Guest Curators, here.

This project was kindly supported by LCB Depot and The University of Leicester.


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