An Exhibition of URL’s

For this exhibition, we are shared digital content that had inspired creatives through the COVID-19 lockdown. We curated a digital exhibition of URLs; we invited artists to submit one URL link to content that has inspired their practice in the last six months. The exhibition launched with an online discussion, with Saziso Phiri, around the exhibited links and digital contents influence.

This event was not recorded. However, we did note the key themes from the 40-minute zoom conversation: How do you engage with the links?/ The internet as an archive of material / Time Capsule: will the links last forever? / Traveling / The link between links/ Is this an exhibition? / How do we curate in the digital age? / What will exhibitions be like after the pandemic / What is inspiration—what does it feel like? / Curation as mediation / Experiencing art / Online vs in person.

  • Exhibition and online discussion, 24th November 2020-.
  • View the exhibition online!
  • Contributors: Agnieszka Usarz, Alex Sterling, Charlie Collins, Georgina Watson, Jay Sullivan, Jessica Spence, Johanna Taylor, Mandy Collins, Maria Pearson, Mark Gilkes, Milly Webster, Ryan Boultbee, Sam Metz, Saziso Phiri, and Valeria Medici.
  • The exhibition was introduced by guest curator Saziso Phiri. The event was delivered for Leicester Art Week (2020) and supported by LCB Depot, L.O.V.E Art, and Two Queens Studio.



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