In Conversation: Aoife O’Connor

One of six audio interviews, with people of colour, exploring experiences of inclusivity and self-empowerment in the arts. Explore all six interviews from the ‘In Conversation’ project.

Tell us about your artistic journey, transitioning between the disciplines of theatre and poetry?

How do you feel your cultural heritage influences your creative practice, as a poet and writer?

What measures do you think should be in place to better support women working in the Performing Arts?

How do you make the benefits of pursuing a career in the creative industries more visible to creatives from marginalised backgrounds?

Artist’s Biography:

Aoife O’Connor is a writer, poet, producer and performer based in Derby. She graduated from the University of Derby after studying Creative and Professional Writing. Her main focuses are on Spoken Word and Performance Poetry which she has performed nationally. She is a Slam poet and co-founded a female and minority lead performance night that focuses on diversifying the arts. Her work surrounds the themes of Feminism, LGBT, Race and Disability.

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