In Conversation: Jagjit Kaur

One of six audio interviews, with people of colour, exploring experiences of inclusivity and self-empowerment in the arts. Explore all six interviews from the ‘In Conversation’ project.

Does your use of collage techniques in your work represent the clashing of Eastern and Western cultures?

How would you like your art to be received in spaces that have a largely white audience?

What changes would you like to see in the arts to better support creatives who are representing and discussing their histories through their work?

Is the contemporary British-Asian experience like a collage?

Artist’s Biography:

Jagjit Kaur is a multimedia artist focused on painting and digital college based in Leicester. Blending and building and pushing images and worlds together Jagjit looks to create a visual harmony. The source points may not be cohesive (whether screen shots from Instagram or gallery archives) but come together to form distinct and thoughtful compositions. Through her work, and the duality of her identity, she brings together her English and Indian culture, often painting traditional Indian subjects in a non-traditional manner and material.

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