In Conversation: Jade Foster

One of six audio interviews, with people of colour, exploring experiences of inclusivity and self-empowerment in the arts. Explore all six interviews from the ‘In Conversation’ project.

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself when you were thinking of pursuing a career as an Artist-Curator?

How do you think local contemporary Visual Arts organisations can better support the next generation of Black creatives?

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What have you learnt by creating a forum for Black curators and producers?

You work with some of the most established contemporary Visual Arts organisations in the East Midlands, what do you want to achieve through your roles?

Artist’s Biography:

Jade Foster is a British artist, curator and creative producer of AfroCaribbean heritage based in Nottingham, UK and a current CCCADI Curatorial Fellow in AfroCaribbean Art. They are a founding member and initiator of Black Curators Collective (BCC) with an upcoming project at Glasgow International 2021. Foster holds positions as a Trustee of Nottingham Contemporary, Assistant Curator at Primary, and Creative Programme Coordinator at New Art Exchange (NAE) in Nottingham. They are currently working with artist Maybelle Peters for Primary. As a freelancer, they have worked with UK New Artists (formerly UKYA); Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) Glasgow; Live Art Development Agency (LADA); performingborders and Never Done.

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