– 2024 –

ECC Forum

“No Jobs in the Arts has a particular commitment to democratising access to the visual arts industry, and alleviating barriers to participation experienced by practitioners in rural areas, those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, D/deaf or disabled people, and minority ethnic backgrounds.”

– 2023 –

– 2022 –

“This opportunity with No Jobs in the Arts became the handrails in guiding my journey of self discovery and trusting my potential purpose within the arts. Their commitment to helping artist acted as a tether, grounding my self belief and hopes for a career in the arts.”

Postcard Survey

Making Creative Connections

“No Jobs in the Arts is an important organisation set up to support grassroots arts activity in an area of the UK which traditionally lacked substantial early career creative support. The role they play in the broader ecology is an important one, and their rise in reputation is a testament to their hard work and dedication to continuous professional development and broader artistic support.”

– 2021 –

In Residence

“The support No Jobs in the Arts gave was amazing, they helped me by further building my confidence, and giving me the opportunity to learn new skills. To be able to trail my workshop ideas in a safe yet professional setting was an amazing experience that I know will be useful to me going forward.”

– 2020 –

“At the end of this experience, I have decided to stay true to my dreams of becoming an artist even with all my fears and doubts, and No Jobs in the Arts played a massive part in helping me realise those dreams.”

Fringe Festival

Cover image of issue three of No Jobs in the Arts.

Issue #3

“Working with No Jobs in the Arts was easy because they are very organised and proactive. They were also very understanding of changing personal circumstances.”

– 2019 –

“The program of events and zines No Jobs in the Arts runs is always of interests as the program is so varied and feels very generous as a way of sharing art, and information, and providing opportunities.”

– 2018 –

“I’ve never come across work from the East Midlands, and my interest in artists from this region has increased substantially.”

“There is definitely space for an organisation like No Jobs in the Arts within the region. There aren’t many organisations asking the questions that they are asking…”

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