The Magic of the Real

The Magic of the Real was an exhibition of artwork that you need to see in person—not through a screen. The show, curated by No Jobs in the Arts, brings together Nottingham based artist Katharina Fitz with emerging Leicester based artists, and selected new talent from L.O.V.E Art Open call.

  • Exhibition, LCB Depot, Leicester. 8-26th November 2022.
  • Exhibiting Artists: Theo Miller, Phoebe Mae Ellis, Tarner Taylor, Amy Austick, Indre Rimselyte, Alice Linsell, Chloe Jean Brown, Anton Amoo, Sam Cartwright, Clair Robins, Hannah Webber, Payton Jameson, Holly Herbert, Jonny Bennett, Steph Jansen, Lucia Guzy-Kirkden, Grace Hamilton, Cían Coleman, Macha Barnden, & Katharina Fitz.
  • Exhibition Invite

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