UNTITLED Showcase: a chance to explore the ideas behind ‘UNTITLED’ – an exhibition where bodies blurred, illness becomes a portal to otherness, and identities shift. Witness the slippages.

No Jobs in the Arts in partnership with QUAD continually aim to support visual creatives with disabilities working in the Midlands. UNTITLED, organised by No Jobs in the Arts and supported by QUAD, was an exhibition in QUAD’s gallery space that took place on the 2nd of January 2024, showcasing dreamlike ideas from four disabled early-career creatives.

Documentation from the critically acclaimed exhibition, including the remaining exhibition guides, and a brand-new video-work, UNTITLED Review (9m 30s), are on display in QUAD Gallery, alongside the exhibition ‘Identity…’, from 25 January to 25 February 2024. More information about exhibition and QUAD visiting times.

The new video work, with a text contribution by Jennifer Brough, enables us to return to the exhibition through a first-hand account. The exhibition guide contains images and descriptions of photography, installation and performance, created by the original UNTITLED exhibitors, Flo Jansen, Ell Hammond, Emma Astra, and Charley Skinner.

Accessibility: the exhibition guide and transcript of the video-work are available in the gallery in large print. The documents are also available below.

The project was produced by No Jobs in the Arts and QUAD, with support from Arts Council England and Derby City Council. The exhibition guide was printed by Dizzy Ink.

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Digital Exhibition Guide [screen-reader friendly, .doc]view
UNTITLED Review [large print and video transcript, .doc]view
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