In Conversation: Khari Worrell

One of six audio interviews, with people of colour, exploring experiences of inclusivity and self-empowerment in the arts. Explore all six interviews from the ‘In Conversation’ project.

What everyday experiences influence your painting practice?

Working in the arts, do you feel supported in your dual roles as an artist and parent?

What changes would you like to see in the arts to better support and empower artists who are creating a family?

Tell us about your ideal space, where artists can go to socialise, collaborate, and learn?

Artist’s Biography:

Khari Worrell is a self taught Black British Artist, consistently seeking to challenge himself with work that congregates all emotion, imagination and his general love for creativity. Aiming to capture important moments through his works like a story, he believes that sometimes for something to be overcome it needs to be destroyed, or for something to be deconstructed it must have been emotionally unstable.

Preferably working on large scale work, Khari feels more immersed, open with his feelings; treating the canvas as his therapy. When asked about his process, Khari Worrell states, “when the works are destroyed, this erases anxiety allowing my energy to be transferred within the painting resulting in an abstract fashion”.

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